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Stop burrowing rodents from ruining your garden, yard and sidewalk.

Ecology Exterminating Service now offers an economical, eco-friendly, permanent barrier that is non-harmful to children or pets.

Burrowing animals such as rats, chipmunks, gophers, and groundhogs can dig under your lawn or garden and ruin landscaping, chew through cables and destroy sidewalks. In order to prevent these animals from wreaking havoc beneath the ground, Ecology Exterminating now offers a new, pesticide-free barrier solution.

We’re the NYC certified installer for XCLUDER GEO®, an all-new durable stainless-steel mesh barrier that stops burrowing pests.

XCLUDER GEO installs under landscaping and allows grass and small plants to grow through. It’s non-toxic and safe for the environment, and very easy to install. Best of all, XCLUDER GEO’s stainless fibers are non corroding, making GEO last indefinitely.

Installation is fast & easy:

  • Rodent barrier installation step 1.

    Call Ecology Exterminating for a site inspection.

  • Rodent barrier installation step 2.

    Geo Xcluder is a tough, stainless steel mesh that stops burrowing pests.

  • Rodent barrier installation step 3.

    Installs in just a few minutes. No pesticides or harmful chemicals

  • Rodent barrier installation step 4.

    Easily form-fits around trees and shrubs.

  • Rodent barrier installation step 5.

    Once the soil is replaced, water passes through to the soil without disturbing trees or grass.