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Flies come in all shapes and sizes. To get rid of them, call in the professionals at Ecology Exterminating Service.

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Treatment Plan


  1. Inspection: when our technician arrives, they inspect all the affected areas to determine the extent of the fly infestation and the areas where they are breeding.
  2. Identification: we take the time to identify what type of flies you have. Treatments are most effective when you use the right methods that are most effective at targeting the specific species.
  3. Getting to the source: Our technicians Identify the source of the fly problem, such as food waste, decaying organic matter, or standing water, and talk with you about strategies to eliminate it.


  1. Trapping: if appropriate, we install traps to catch adult flies.
  2. Bait Stations:  also if appropriate, we may place non-toxic fly bait stations.


  1. Sanitation: we help you identify fly breeding sites and food sources for the flies.
  2. Follow-up inspection: after treatment, we want to ensure your fly infestation has been eliminated. Our fly extermination service is guaranteed. If flies come back, we do too, until they’re gone for good.

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House Fly

House Fly


  • 1/4 inch long
  • Dull gray color
  • 4 strips on thorax;


  • Two important places to control are the breeding site and the house
  • Boiling water is a good way to kill the house fly maggots in garbage cans
  • Fly paper, and aerosols are the best methods for adult flies


  • House flies breed in garbage, garbage cans, and large trash containers
  • A generation of flies may be produced during the height of the summer season
  • The hot days of July and August will result in a greater number of house flies by the end of August and September
  • Flies can spread diseases
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House Fly
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Drain Fly

Drain Fly

How to Recognize and Get Rid of Drain Flies

  • 1/10 inch long
  • Dark, fuzzy moth-like in appearance
  • Can only fly a few feet at a time
  • Control: Infestations which develop in drains can be eliminated scrubbing the area with a brush and sink-cleaning materials followed by hot water
  • Habits: Breed in the liquids found in drains, dirty garbage containers, and septic tanks. Adult flies are poor fliers and are found in great numbers on walls or flying weakly in the area where they are found. Feed on nectar and polluted water.
flies exterminator
Drain Fly
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Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

How to Recognize and Get Rid of Fruit Flies

  • 1/8 inch long       
  • Dull yellow-brown to dark brown
  • A distinguishing feature is their red eyes     

How to Control Fruit Flies:

  • Remove any overripe fruits or vegetables from your kitchen
  • Clean out fermenting liquids in the bottom of garbage cans, a dirty mop, and in the vegetable bin
flies pest control near me
Fruit Fly