Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a program offered by Ecology Exterminating Services designed to achieve maximum results with minimum chemical usage. This process is used to eliminate nesting and breeding areas as well as pest entry points.  By stressing a pest population our technicians may remove the pest source, produce a decline in numbers and/or eliminate them all together.

The key components of IPM are:

  • Inspection & advise regarding sanitation
  • Monitoring potential pest zones
  • Identification of pests
  • Manual exclusion

IPM is the practice of integrating sanitation modification, inspecting, monitoring and pesticides to economically achieve optimum pest control.

We believe an equal emphasis on each component of IPM will reduce the reliance on pesticides and potential for environmental contamination.

Pest problems rarely solve themselves.  Please call us TODAY for fast, professional pest control services.