Common Moths & Beetles in New York Homes

Moths and beetles can damage your valuable clothing and linens. And they can spoil foods in your kitchen.

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Moth & Beetle
Treatment Plan


  1. When you book an appointment for moth or beetle extermination, we give you instructions on how to prepare your property for treatment, such as removing clutter and storing food properly.
  2. On site, we conduct a thorough inspection to identify the type and extent of the moth or beetle infestation. Different insect species require different strategies.
  3. Next, our technician will determine the source of the infestation. We discuss treatment options with you, and explain our eco-friendly approach to pest control.


  1. Our technician applies eco-friendly insecticides, traps or steam in targeted areas where the pests are most active.
  2. Where possible, we use pheromone traps to attract and capture adult moths and beetles.
  3. We also use steam treatments or freezing techniques to kill larvae and eggs.


  1. We follow up with you to ensure that the pests have been eradicated and that there are no signs of a recurrence.
  2. Provide guidance on preventive measures to reduce the risk of future infestations, such as proper food storage and regular cleaning
  3. All our moth & beetle extermination treatments are guaranteed. If moths and beetles come back, we will too, until the problem is solved for good,
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carpet beetle exterminator near me
Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetles

Unfortunately, carpet Beetles are fairly throughout households, businesses and public venues throughout New York.  They feed on fabrics (even synthetic blends), which will ruin your furniture, carpeting, clothes even bedding.
Females may lay up to 100 eggs. Larvae do the destruction and avoid light. Careful inspection of such things as baseboards, air ducts, stored cereals, garments and furniture is needed to find the source of the infestation. Cleaning the house thoroughly and regularly as well as proper storage of garments is needed to prevent infestations.

carpet beetle exterminator near me
Carpet Beetle
Clothes Moths exterminator NYC
Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth

There are two types of clothes or cloth moths in NYC:
Adult webbing clothing moths are 0.25 inches long, with a light tan body and gold-colored "hair" on their heads. In the larvae, webbing clothes moths are ivory-colored with a brown head.

Casemaking clothing moth eggs are a white. Their larvae ivory/pale yellow, along with a dark brown head. Adult casemaking moths have dark wings with dots and a grey-colored head.

If unattended, moths can wreak tremendous damage to materials and fabrics, and they're a challenge to eradicate. Here's why: female moths can lay hundreds of eggs

Clothes Moths exterminator NYC
Clothes Moths
meal or pantry moth exterminator
Meal or Pantry Moth

Meal or Pantry Moths

Color: Buff or golden

Larva – Shiny creamy white.
Size: Adults – Quarter of an inch.
Larva – about a half inch.

Did you know? Adult moths do not feed. Only larva feed.

meal or pantry moth exterminator
Meal or Pantry Moth
drugstore beetle pest control near me
Drugstore Beetles, AKA Cigarette Beetles

Drugstore or Cigarette Beetles

Drugstore beetles, also known as cigarette beetles, are common pests in many NYC kitchens. They are small, reddish-brown with a distinctive club-shaped antennae. To recognize drugstore beetles, look for small, round holes in food packages and containers. You may also find a light, yellow powdery substance, which is the larvae's excrement.

To prevent drugstore beetles, it is important to keep food in sealed plastic or glass containers. Throw away any food that appears to be infested, as well as any food packages that have small holes or the yellowish powdery beetle waste. Make sure to clean your pantry regularly, vacuum shelves and wipe down with a damp cloth.

drugstore beetle pest control near me
Drugstore Beetles, AKA Cigarette Beetles