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Living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan can come with its share of pests. Rats and mice are especially common in this area, which is why it is important for homeowners to choose the best exterminator for their needs. Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice for getting rid of rats and mice in the Upper East Side. We offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Minimal use of pesticides
  • 50 years in business
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Friendly technicians
  • Guaranteed results
  • Year-round service plans
  • Free estimates

Our experienced technicians use the most advanced and effective methods of extermination to ensure our customers get the best results. We have been in the business for 50 years and have extensive knowledge on the best extermination practices. In addition, our friendly technicians are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

At Ecology Exterminating Service, we guarantee results and offer year-round service plans for your convenience. We also provide free estimates to help you determine the cost of the job. With our minimal use of pesticides, knowledgeable staff, friendly technicians, guaranteed results, and year-

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Do You Need A Rat & Mouse Exterminator For Your Upper East Side Home?

Are you a homeowner in Upper East Side? If you're worried you may have a rat & mouse infestation, here are some tell-tale signs you can watch out for:

  • Unexplained droppings around your home
  • Gnaw marks on furniture and electrical wires
  • A musky smell in your home
  • Unusual squeaking noises at night
  • Seeing rodents during your daily routine

If you recognize any of the above signs, it's important to call a professional rat & mouse exterminator as soon as possible. Ecology Exterminating Service has the experience and knowledge to take care of your infestation for you. Don't wait, Call (718) 972-1040 now and get rid of your rat & mouse problem.

rat & mouse exterminator near me
Rats And Mice Aren'T Cute Or Nice. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
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Eliminate Rats & Mice From Your Upper East Side Home.

Rats and mice are a common nuisance in the Upper East Side, Yorkville area. If you're looking for ways to get rid of these pests without using too many pesticides, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Take steps to reduce the attractiveness of your property to rodents by keeping food and garbage in sealed containers and disposing of it regularly.
  • Seal any cracks or openings in your walls and foundation to prevent rats and mice from entering your home.
  • Regularly clean up any spilled food or crumbs to reduce the food supply for rodents.
  • Eliminate any clutter or debris in your home that could provide shelter for rodents.
  • Set traps in areas where you have seen rat or mouse activity.
  • Invest in a pet cat or dog to help keep rats and mice away from your home.

Although these tips can help you reduce the rat and mouse population in your home, a professional extermination service may be necessary to completely get rid of the infestation. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of rats and mice infestation with minimal use of pesticides, so you can be sure your home is free of these pests.