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Do You Need A Flea & Tick Exterminator For Your Sunset Park Home?

Living in Sunset Park means that your home is susceptible to flea and tick infestations. Fleas and ticks can bring a host of problems to your home, including discomfort for you and your family, and even diseases.

The best way to tell if you have a flea & tick infestation is to check yourself and your pets for these pests. Fleas are small, dark brown or black insects that move quickly, while ticks look like small bumps on the skin that can be red or black. You may also see small, dark spots on your furniture, bedding, and carpets.

If you think you have a flea & tick infestation, it is important to act quickly. Call Ecology Exterminating Service, a professional flea & tick exterminator, to get rid of the infestation and protect your home from further damage.

flea & tick exterminator near me
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Eliminate Fleas & Ticks From Your Sunset Park Home.

Ticks and fleas can be a frustrating problem for homeowners in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Fortunately, there are simple and natural ways to get rid of them without the use of harmful pesticides.

First and foremost, keep your home clean and free of debris. Regular vacuuming can help remove fleas and ticks from carpets and furniture. Be sure to thoroughly clean and vacuum pet bedding as well. Wash sheets, blankets and clothing in hot water and dry them on high heat.

Keep grass and shrubbery trimmed and around your home, and make sure to remove any leaf litter or debris. If possible, avoid letting pets roam into wooded or grassy areas that may be home to ticks and fleas.

There are many natural treatments available to help get rid of fleas and ticks. Citrus sprays, lemongrass, cedar oil, and diatomaceous earth are just some of the natural options. Check with your local garden store or natural pet supply store for more information.

If the problem persists, you may want to consider professional help. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of fleas and ticks with minimal use of pesticides.