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Are you a homeowner in Ozone Park/Howard Beach looking for a reliable rat and mouse exterminator? Look no further than Ecology Exterminating Service! We have been in business for 50 years and are experts in pest control. Our knowledgeable staff and friendly technicians are here to help keep your home rat and mouse free.

Our services include minimal use of pesticides, guaranteed results, year-round service plans, and free estimates. Our technicians are ready to tackle any rodent problem you have. We are dedicated to helping you keep your home pest-free and safe.

At Ecology Exterminating Service, we understand the importance of protecting your home and family from pests. We are committed to using safe, effective pest control methods to ensure your home remains pest-free. Our technicians will work with you to develop a customized plan to keep your home pest-free.

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Do You Need A Rat & Mouse Exterminator For Your South Ozone Park and Howard Beach Home?

Are you worried about a possible rat or mouse infestation in your Ozone Park/Howard Beach home? Recognizing the signs of a rodent problem can help you take quick action to keep your home and family safe. Look for the following clues that signal a rat or mouse infestation:

  • Small droppings, often found near food packages or in drawers and cupboards
  • Scratching noises inside walls, attics, and other hidden areas of your home
  • Gnaw marks on food packages, wooden furniture, and electrical wires
  • Urine stains and/or a lingering musty smell

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to call a professional. At Ecology Exterminating Service, our experienced technicians can help you get rid of rats and mice quickly and effectively. Don’t wait - call Ecology Exterminating Service today and get your home back to its rodent-free condition.

rat & mouse exterminator near me
Rats And Mice Aren'T Cute Or Nice. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
South Ozone Park and Howard Beach

Eliminate Rats & Mice From Your South Ozone Park And Howard Beach Home.

Are you a homeowner in Ozone Park/Howard Beach, Queens dealing with a rat or mouse infestation? You want to get rid of them without using too many pesticides. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

  • Clean up food sources. Rats and mice are attracted to food, so store all food in airtight containers and promptly clean up all crumbs and spills.
  • Seal up entry points. Take a look at your home and seal up any gaps or holes that might be providing a way for rodents to enter your home.
  • Use traps. Place traps around the home and check on them regularly. Dispose of any dead rodents safely.
  • Encourage predators. If you have birds, cats, or snakes in your yard, they can help control the rodent population.

If you’re still struggling to get rid of rodents, consider using a professional pest control service. Ecology Exterminating Service is a great choice for getting rid of rats and mice with minimal use of pesticides. They will be able to assess the infestation and quickly and effectively remove the unwanted pests.