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If you’re a homeowner in Sheepshead Bay and you’re in need of a bed bug exterminator, Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice. We pride ourselves on our minimal use of pesticides, so you can rest assured that you and your family are safe. With fifty years in business, you can trust our knowledgeable staff and friendly technicians. We guarantee results and offer year-round service plans so your home stays bug-free all year. Plus, our free estimates mean you won’t be surprised by hidden costs.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring Ecology Exterminating Service:

  • Minimal use of pesticides
  • 50 years in business
  • Knowledgeable staff and friendly technicians
  • Guaranteed results
  • Year-round service plans
  • Free estimates

Don’t wait any longer—hire Ecology Exterminating Service today and say goodbye to bed bugs for good!

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Do You Need A Bed Bug Exterminator For Your Sheepshead Bay Home?

Bed bugs can be difficult to identify, but there are some common signs to look for that could indicate an infestation. If you live in Sheepshead Bay, be on the lookout for:

  • Tiny black spots on mattresses, bedding, walls, and furniture
  • Tiny red, brown, or black bugs that look like apple seeds
  • Itchy red bites on your skin

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it's important to act quickly. Delaying treatment can cause the infestation to spread, so call a professional bed bug exterminator right away. At Ecology Exterminating Service, we provide safe and effective pest control solutions to tackle any bed bug problem. Don't wait – call us today and take the first step towards a bed bug-free home.

bed bug exterminator near me
Bed Bugs Are Disgusting. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
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Eliminate Bedbugs From Your Sheepshead Bay Home.

Bedbugs are a major pest problem for many homeowners in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. While bedbugs are incredibly difficult to get rid of, there are several natural and pesticide-free ways to reduce or eliminate them from your home.

Firstly, you should keep your home as clean as possible. Vacuum carpets, couches, and mattresses regularly and wash all of your linens and clothing in hot water. This will help to reduce the number of bedbugs in your home.

You can also use the steam from a steam cleaner to eliminate bedbugs. Steam the carpets and mattresses in your home and use a crevice tool to get into hard to reach areas. The steam will kill the bedbugs on contact.

You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in your home. Bedbugs thrive in humid environments and a dehumidifier will make your home less hospitable for them.

Finally, you can use diatomaceous earth to combat bedbugs. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on carpets, mattresses, and furniture to kill bedbugs.

While these methods can be effective in reducing the number of bedbugs in your home, they can be difficult and time-consuming to do on your own. If you need help getting rid