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Living in Parkchester/Soundview may mean dealing with flea and tick infestations. Hiring the right exterminator is essential for keeping your home and family safe. Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice for flea and tick control.

We pride ourselves on our minimal use of pesticides and our 50 years in the business. Our knowledgeable staff and friendly technicians are dedicated to providing the best service possible. We guarantee results and offer year-round service plans and free estimates.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will be more than happy with the results. Our team will take the time to answer any questions you have and explain the process every step of the way.

For all your flea and tick control needs, look no further than Ecology Exterminating Service. When searching for a reliable exterminator in Parkchester/Soundview, we are the perfect choice.

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Do You Need A Flea & Tick Exterminator For Your Parkchester and Soundview Home?

If you're a homeowner in Parkchester/Soundview, you may be concerned about flea and tick infestations. Knowing the signs of a flea and tick infestation is the first step to keeping your family and home safe.

Look out for these obvious signs of fleas and ticks:

  • You start to notice itching and scratching from your pets.
  • You find flea or tick bites on your skin or your pet's skin.
  • You see fleas and ticks on your pet or in your home.

If you find any of these signs, it's important to take action quickly. DIY methods may work, but the best way to get rid of an infestation is to contact a professional flea and tick exterminator.

Ecology Exterminating Service is a trusted source for flea and tick extermination. Give us a Call (718) 972-1040 today to get your flea and tick problem under control and keep your family safe.

flea & tick exterminator near me
Fleas And Ticks Are Yucky. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Parkchester and Soundview

Eliminate Fleas & Ticks From Your Parkchester And Soundview Home.

Ridding your home of fleas and ticks can be a challenge, but it can be done without having to resort to the use of dangerous pesticides. If you live in Parkchester or Soundview, Bronx, you have access to the best environmentally friendly flea and tick removal services from Ecology Exterminating Service. They use minimal pesticides, so your family and pets can stay safe and healthy.

If you want to tackle this problem yourself, here are some tips:

  • Vacuum your carpets and furniture regularly. Vacuuming helps remove fleas and ticks, as well as their eggs and larvae.
  • Wash all pet bedding, blankets, and toys with hot soapy water regularly.
  • Sprinkle flea powder on carpets and furniture to kill fleas, larvae, and eggs on contact.
  • Keep your grass and shrubs trimmed and away from the house as much as possible. Ticks thrive in tall grass, so keeping your lawn mowed regularly is key.
  • If you have an outdoor pet, bathe them regularly and use flea and tick shampoo.

These are just some of the ways you can naturally get rid of fleas and ticks from your home. For