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For the homeowner in Melrose, there are many reasons to choose Ecology Exterminating Service for termite extermination. Our 50 years in business and knowledgeable staff guarantee results with minimal use of pesticides. Our friendly technicians get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • We guarantee results
  • Minimal use of pesticides
  • 50 years in business
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Friendly technicians

Our year-round service plans and free estimates make Ecology Exterminating Service an economical and reliable choice for termite extermination. We are committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our services.

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Do You Need A Termite Exterminator For Your Mott Haven and Melrose Home?

Are you a Melrose homeowner wondering if you have a termite infestation? Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Mud tubes: small tunnels of mud-like material on the exterior walls of your home.
  • Wood damage: strange discoloration of wood, or weakened or hollow-sounding wood.
  • Flying termites: tiny, clear-winged insects hovering around your windows and doors.

If you notice any of these signs, it's best to call in a professional exterminator. Ecology Exterminating Service is a trusted termite exterminator in Melrose that can help you determine if you have a termite infestation and provide you with the best treatment options for your home. So don't wait, call Ecology Exterminating Service today!

termite exterminator near me
Termites Are Terrible. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Mott Haven and Melrose

Eliminate Termites From Your Mott Haven And Melrose Home.

Natural Termites Control for Melrose, Bronx Homeowners

Termites can be a nuisance in any home, causing structural damage and compromising the integrity of the walls and foundations. As a homeowner in Melrose, Bronx, you can take several steps to get rid of termites naturally and with minimal use of pesticides.

1. Remove moisture: Termites are attracted to moisture and thrive in humid environments. To discourage them, ensure that any leaking roofs or plumbing fixtures are fixed and that all gutters and drains are clear and functioning properly.

2. Reduce clutter: Clutter provides a haven for termites, so keep your home clean and organized. Discard any items that you no longer need, and store valuable items such as books, papers, and wood furniture off the floor in sealed containers.

3. Make use of natural predators: Introduce natural predators such as birds, reptiles, and amphibians to feed on termites. You can also use nematodes, which are microscopic worms that feed on termites.

4. Use natural repellents: Natural repellents such as neem oil, tea tree oil, and cedarwood oil can be used to drive away