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Are you a homeowner in Pelham Gardens, Bronxdale, or Laconia looking for a reliable ant exterminator? Look no further than Ecology Exterminating Service! With 50 years of experience in the business and a knowledgeable staff, we are the perfect choice for all of your ant extermination needs. Our friendly technicians will ensure that your ant problem is solved quickly and efficiently.

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Do You Need an Ant Exterminator For Your Morris Park and Bronxdale Home?

If you're a homeowner in Pelham Gardens, Bronxdale, or Laconia, you may have an ant infestation. Ants are a common pest problem, but if you know what to look for, it's not hard to spot the signs.

The most obvious sign of an ant infestation is, of course, seeing ants in and around your home. Look for ants crawling on surfaces, in cupboards, or across the floor. You may also notice small piles of dirt or sand which indicate ant activity as they excavate their nests.

Other signs include ants crawling on surfaces, or small piles of dirt or sand which indicate ant activity as they excavate their nests.

If you think you may have an ant infestation, it's important to act quickly. Ants can reproduce quickly and easily, so it's best to call a professional ant exterminator as soon as possible. Ecology Exterminating Service has the experience and knowledge to help you get rid of your ant infestation once and for all.

Don't let ants take over your home. If you suspect an ant infestation, call Ecology Exterminating Service right away to get the problem under control.

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Morris Park and Bronxdale

Eliminate Ants From Your Morris Park And Bronxdale Home.

Pelham Gardens/Bronxdale/Laconia, Bronx are home to many species of ants. Ants can be a nuisance and can be hard to get rid of, but there are a few tips one can follow to rid their home of ants naturally and with minimal use of pesticides.

  • Clean up your home. Any food and water sources should be kept in sealed containers or in the refrigerator. Dispose of all food scraps and vacuum carpets, curtains and other areas where food may have been spilled.
  • Keep ants out by sealing cracks in window and door frames, as well as any other areas that may be providing an entry point for ants.
  • Apply diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your home. This is a natural product that works to dehydrate the ants, effectively killing them.
  • Spray white vinegar or lemon juice around your home, as ants won’t cross this barrier.
  • Mix equal parts of water and peppermint oil and spray in areas where you have seen ants.

If the above tips do not help in getting rid of ants, it is best to contact an experienced professional. Ecology Exterminating Service has been in the business for over a decade and can effectively help in removing ants infestation with