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Do You Need A Bee & Wasp Exterminator For Your Morningside Heights and Hamilton Home?

Are you a homeowner in Morningside Heights? If you think you may have a bee or wasp infestation, there are a few easy ways to tell. Look for large amounts of bees and wasps near windows or doors, or small nests in the eaves of your roof or behind shutters or siding. You may also hear a buzzing sound from inside your walls or attic. If you think you have an infestation, it’s best to call a professional bee and wasp exterminator for help. Ecology Exterminating Service has years of experience in dealing with bee and wasp infestations. Don’t wait—Call (718) 972-1040 today and get your home back to the peaceful oasis you deserve!

bee & wasp exterminator near me
Bees And Wasps Are A Pain. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Morningside Heights and Hamilton

Eliminate Bees & Wasps From Your Morningside Heights And Hamilton Home.

Are you a homeowner in Morningside Heights, Manhattan with a bee or wasp infestation? Bee and wasp infestations can be a real nuisance, but getting rid of them naturally and with minimal use of pesticides is possible. Here are some tips for getting rid of bees and wasps without the use of harsh chemicals:

  • Keep food, garbage, and sweet drinks sealed and covered.
  • Clean up any existing food and garbage, as this will attract bees and wasps.
  • Keep all food areas free of spills and crumbs, as these will also attract unwanted insects.
  • Keep windows and doors shut and sealed to prevent bees and wasps from entering your home.
  • Spray a mixture of water and dish soap onto bees and wasps as a natural insecticide.
  • Use bee and wasp traps to capture unwanted insects and then release them outdoors.
  • Trim back foliage and vegetation to reduce the number of places bees and wasps can hide.

If these tips don't work, contact a professional pest control company like Ecology Exterminating Service to help you get rid of bees and wasps with minimal use of pesticides