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Are you looking for a bird removal service in Jamaica? Ecology Exterminating Service is here to help. With 50 years in business, Ecology Exterminating Service has the expertise and experience to provide effective and safe bird removal solutions.

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  • Minimal use of pesticides
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Do You Need A Birds Removed From Your Jamaica and Hollis Home?

Are you a homeowner in Jamaica with a bird infestation? Don't worry, you're not alone! There are various ways to determine if you have a bird problem. Birds can be heard chirping and singing, nests can be seen around the outside of your house, and you may notice bird droppings on your window sills and decks. If you observe any of these signs, you likely have a bird infestation.

It's important to address the issue as soon as possible. Left untreated, birds can cause extensive damage to your home and spread diseases. To get rid of a bird infestation, it's best to call a professional bird removal technician. Ecology Exterminating Service provides reliable and effective bird removal services. So don't hesitate – Call (718) 972-1040 today and get your home back in order!

bird removal technician near me
Birds Are Foul. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Jamaica and Hollis

Eliminate Birds From Your Jamaica And Hollis Home.

Living in Jamaica, Queens, homeowners may experience bird infestation in and around their property. This can be a nuisance and potentially hazardous to your health or your home. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of birds without having to resort to harsh pesticides.

  • Install bird deterrents. Hang strips of reflective tape, shiny objects such as old CDs, or other devices that can scare birds away. You can also place decoy owls or hawk silhouettes around your property.
  • Remove food sources. Bird feeders, pet food, and open garbage cans can attract birds, so it is important to avoid providing food for them. Keeping your property clean can also prevent birds from coming back.
  • Caulk and seal cracks and holes. Check your property for any holes or cracks that can provide birds with access to your home. If you find any, fill and seal them to prevent birds from entering your home.

If you are unable to remove the birds on your own, professional assistance may be necessary. Ecology Exterminating Service provides effective removal of birds infestation with minimal use of pesticides. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get rid of birds in Jamaica, Queens.