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Homeowners in Jamaica Estates and Fresh Meadows should hire Ecology Exterminating Service for their bed bug extermination needs. We have been in business for 50 years, giving us a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can trust. Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your bed bug treatment.

In addition to our experience and quality of service, we offer several benefits that make us stand out from other exterminators. We use minimal pesticides, so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe and protected. We guarantee results and offer year-round service plans for your convenience. We also offer free estimates, so you know exactly what to expect before any work begins.

Choose Ecology Exterminating Service for your bed bug extermination needs. Our experienced technicians, minimal use of pesticides, guaranteed results, and year-round service plans make us the best choice for Jamaica Estates and Fresh Meadows homeowners.

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Do You Need A Bed Bug Exterminator For Your Hillcrest and Fresh Meadows Home?

Are you a homeowner in Jamaica Estates or Fresh Meadows? Do you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation? Bed bugs can be hard to detect, but there are a few signs that may indicate you have them. Check for the following:

  • Small spots of blood on mattresses, sheets, and other linens
  • Dark or rusty spots on bedding, furniture, and walls
  • A sweet musty odor
  • Live bed bugs, their eggs, or molted skins

If you observe any of these signs, you may have a bed bug infestation. To get rid of bed bugs and keep your home safe, call Ecology Exterminating Service, a professional bed bug exterminator. They are experienced and equipped with the right tools and materials to eliminate the problem.

bed bug exterminator near me
Bed Bugs Are Disgusting. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Hillcrest and Fresh Meadows

Eliminate Bedbugs From Your Hillcrest And Fresh Meadows Home.

For homeowners in Jamaica Estates/Fresh Meadows, Queens, it is possible to get rid of bedbugs naturally and with minimal use of pesticides. Here are some tips to help you safely remove bedbugs from your home:

  • Check for bedbugs in upholstered furniture, mattresses, bedding, and other items in your home. Look for dark spots (bedbug droppings) and bedbugs themselves.
  • Vacuum furniture and carpets regularly to remove bedbugs and eggs.
  • Wash bedding and other items in hot water, then dry them on the highest heat setting.
  • Use a steamer to treat furniture, mattresses, and other items to kill bedbugs.
  • Use sealable plastic bags to store items that cannot be washed or steamed. Keep the bags sealed until the bedbugs are gone.

These natural methods of removal are effective and are the safest for your family, but it can be difficult and time consuming. If the infestation is widespread, it is best to contact a professional pest control service. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of bedbugs infestation with minimal use of pesticides, so you can rest assured that your family and home are protected.