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Do You Need A Termite Exterminator For Your Fordham and University Heights Home?

If you think your home may have a termite infestation, there are a few tell-tale signs to look for. First, check for mud tunnels on the outside of your home. These are thin, mud-like tubes that connect the ground to the wood of your home. Additionally, check for hollowed-out wood inside and outside your home. Termites often weaken wood structures, leaving them hollow and brittle. Finally, watch for swarms, which are large groups of flying termites. These swarms are often seen near windows or in attics.

If you recognize any of these signs, it is important to act quickly. Call a professional exterminator, such as Ecology Exterminating Service, right away. A qualified exterminator will be able to identify the infestation and provide you with a safe, effective solution. Don't wait – contact a professional termite exterminator today!

termite exterminator near me
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Eliminate Termites From Your Fordham And University Heights Home.

Termites can cause significant damage to a home in Fordham, Bronx. Fortunately, there are several methods available to homeowners to naturally get rid of termites with minimal use of pesticides.

Regular Home Maintenance: To reduce the risk of termites, homeowners should ensure that the foundation of their home is sealed and any water leaks are fixed immediately. Replace damaged wood, trim trees or bushes that touch the house and make sure there are no sources of moisture near the home.

Natural Remedies: Homeowners can use natural remedies to repel and rid their home of termites. For example, neem oil, cedar oil, and orange oil are all effective repellents. Borate powder and diatomaceous earth are also effective for killing termites.

Expert Assistance: For termite infestations, it's best to contact an experienced exterminator. At Ecology Exterminating Service, we provide effective removal of termites infestation with minimal use of pesticides. Our team is certified and trained to provide the best solution for our customers' needs.

These are just a few of the tips for getting rid of termites naturally and with minimal use of pesticides. With regular home maintenance, natural remedies and professional help, homeowners in