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Fordham homeowners should hire Ecology Exterminating Service for all their roach extermination needs. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly technicians have 50 years experience in the pest control industry. We guarantee results and provide year-round service plans for superior protection. We also offer free estimates.

We strive to use minimal pesticides and to provide the most efficient and effective approach to the extermination of roaches. We also offer helpful advice and information to help homeowners prevent roaches from coming back in the future. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the use of the latest technologies.

Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice for homeowners in Fordham seeking an experienced and reliable roach exterminator. We provide superior protection, friendly and knowledgeable technicians, and guaranteed results. We also offer free estimates and year-round service plans to ensure ongoing protection.

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Do You Need A Roach Exterminator For Your Fordham and University Heights Home?

If you think you have a roach infestation in your Fordham home, there are some telltale signs to watch for. Roaches are most active at night, leaving behind droppings and a musty odor. You may see them scurrying away when you turn on the lights. Roaches also feed on food and can drag crumbs to other areas of your home. Additionally, you may find egg sacs and dead bodies of roaches in their hiding places. These are all signs of a roach infestation that you should take seriously.

If you recognize any of the above signs, it's important to call a professional roach exterminator for help. At Ecology Exterminating Service, our technicians are trained to find the source of the infestation and eliminate it quickly. We use the most effective methods to rid your home of roaches and provide long-term protection. Don't delay—call us today to get rid of your roach problem.

roach exterminator near me
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Fordham and University Heights

Eliminate Roaches From Your Fordham And University Heights Home.

Ridding your home of roaches can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of roaches naturally, without relying heavily on pesticides. Here are some tips to help Fordham, Bronx homeowners get rid of roaches naturally:

  • Start by cleaning your home. Roaches love dark, dirty, and damp places. Vacuum and mop your floors, scrub tiles, and dust surfaces regularly.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices where roaches can enter the house. Fill any holes in the walls, windows, and door frames with caulk.
  • Eliminate sources of food and water. Dispose of all food scraps, store food in sealed containers, and repair any leaking pipes or faucets.
  • Set up traps. Place sticky traps in areas where roaches are likely to travel such as under the sink or behind the refrigerator.
  • Consider using natural repellents such as peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, or bay leaves. These natural scents are proven to repel roaches.

If your home is severely infested with roaches, it may be best to enlist the help of a professional. Ecology Exterminating Service is experienced in removing roaches inf