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Homeowners in Flushing have many options when it comes to choosing a termite exterminator. Ecology Exterminating Service stands out for its comprehensive service plan, guaranteed results, and commitment to minimal use of pesticides.

The company has been in business for 50 years, providing customers with the assurance of experience, knowledge, and skill. Our friendly technicians are available year-round to provide the best possible service.

We offer free estimates for our termite services and guarantee results. Our technicians use minimal pesticides, reducing the impact on the environment. Year-round service plans are available, providing ongoing protection from termites.

Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice for homeowners in Flushing. We offer comprehensive termite services, guaranteed results, and minimal use of pesticides. Our experienced technicians will provide the best possible service and our year-round service plans will keep your home safe from termites.

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Do You Need A Termite Exterminator For Your Flushing and Whitestone Home?

Are you a homeowner in Flushing? Have you been wondering if you have a termite infestation?

There are a few signs you can look out for that may indicate you have a termite problem. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call a professional termite exterminator for help:

  • Mud tubes in or around the foundation of your home
  • Wooden floors or walls that sound hollow when tapped
  • Discarded wings from termite swarmers near windows or doors
  • Piles of sawdust near wooden structures

If you’ve noticed any of the signs of a termite infestation, don’t wait to get it taken care of. Call Ecology Exterminating Service, an experienced local termite exterminator, to help you take care of the problem. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

termite exterminator near me
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Flushing and Whitestone

Eliminate Termites From Your Flushing And Whitestone Home.

Termites can cause extensive damage to homes, particularly in Flushing, Queens. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of termite infestations without heavy use of pesticides.

Natural Remedies

  • Remove sources of moisture. Termites need moisture to survive, so reducing moisture in the home may make it less inviting for them. This includes fixing leaky pipes, areas of poor drainage and eliminating excess humidity in the home.
  • Destroy termite tunnels. Use a knife or blade to remove any visible tunnels or galleries in the wood.
  • Replace wood with termite-resistant materials. Installing pressure-treated wood, metal or plastic can help keep termites away.
  • Monitor wood sources. Regularly inspect wood piles in the yard, as well as wood sources in the home, to ensure they are not being invaded by termites.

Pesticide Treatment

  1. Choose a pesticide treatment. There are several types of pesticide treatments available, including spot treatments and complete home treatments.
  2. Apply the pesticide. Follow the instructions on the product packaging carefully and apply the pesticide as directed.