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moth & beetle exterminator in flatlands and canarsie

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If you're a homeowner in Canarsie or Bergen Beach, you may be looking for a reliable pest control service to help you with your moth and beetle problems. Ecology Exterminating Service is the perfect choice. With 50 years of experience and knowledgeable staff, we offer the best service possible. We guarantee results and use minimal pesticides, making sure your family and your pets stay safe.

Our friendly technicians will provide year-round service plans, so your home is always protected. We also offer free estimates, so you can decide what works best for you without breaking the bank.

Don't hesitate to contact Ecology Exterminating Service today. We have the knowledge and skill to help you with all of your pest control needs. With our minimal use of pesticides, guaranteed results, year-round service plans, and free estimates, we are the perfect choice for your moth and beetle extermination needs.

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Do You Need A Moth & Beetle Exterminator For Your Flatlands and Canarsie Home?

Have you noticed small moths or beetles in your Canarsie/Bergen Beach home? If so, you could have a moth & beetle infestation. To determine if that's the case, look for the following:

  • Moths and beetles congregating in dark corners or under furniture
  • Tiny holes in fabrics like carpets, curtains or furniture upholstery
  • Tunneling in wood or book bindings
  • Discoloration or stains on walls and other surfaces

If you see any of these signs, you may have a moth & beetle infestation. Don't panic! A professional exterminator like Ecology Exterminating Service can help. We have years of experience with moths and beetles and we can help you take back your home.

moth & beetle exterminator near me
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Flatlands and Canarsie

Eliminate Moths & Beetles From Your Flatlands And Canarsie Home.

Getting Rid of Moths & Beetles Naturally & With Minimal Pesticides

Moths & beetles can quickly become a nuisance in the home when their population grows. Homeowners in Canarsie/Bergen Beach, Brooklyn can naturally and effectively get rid of moths & beetles with minimal pesticides. Here are a few tips:

  • Vacuum frequently to remove eggs, larvae and adult moths & beetles.
  • Check food items regularly for beetle infestation and discard any food that has been contaminated.
  • Clean behind and underneath furniture and appliances where moths & beetles may hide.
  • Place cedar chips in drawers and closets to deter moths & beetles.
  • Place natural predator insects like ladybugs, lacewings and praying mantis in the home to help control the population.

If the problem persists, it's important to seek professional help. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of moths & beetles infestation with minimal use of pesticides. Contact us today for more information.