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For homeowners in East Harlem looking for a reliable and effective moth and beetle exterminator, Ecology Exterminating Service provides the perfect solution. With 50 years in the business, our knowledgeable staff, friendly technicians, and guaranteed results, you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands. We use minimal pesticides and offer year-round service plans and free estimates.

The benefits of hiring Ecology Exterminating Service are many. We are the experts in pest control, and our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible. Our technicians are friendly and professional, and our prices are unbeatable. Our commitment to quality and safety make us the preferred choice for East Harlem homeowners.

Not only are our services reliable and efficient, but also cost-effective. We offer free estimates, so you can make an informed decision about the best way to protect your home from moths and beetles. Plus, with our year-round service plans, you can be sure that your home is always protected.

For East Harlem homeowners, Ecology Exterminating Service is the best choice for moth and beetle extermination. With our knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality, you can trust that your home is in the best of hands.

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Do You Need A Moth & Beetle Exterminator For Your East Harlem Home?

Are you concerned about a possible moth or beetle infestation in your East Harlem home? Knowing the signs of an infestation is the first step in finding the solution.

Look for the following signs:

  • Damage to carpets, clothes, and furniture.
  • Small holes in fabrics.
  • Cocoons or larvae in drawers and cupboards.
  • Silky webs in corners.
  • Tiny wings or shells near windows and on floors.

If you’ve spotted one or more of these signs, it’s important to act fast. A professional exterminator can help you get rid of a moth or beetle problem in your home. Call Ecology Exterminating Service today for a free consultation.

moth & beetle exterminator near me
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Eliminate Moths & Beetles From Your East Harlem Home.

Homeowners in East Harlem, Manhattan may find themselves dealing with the occasional moth or beetle infestation. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of these pests naturally, without having to resort to heavy use of pesticides.

First, seal any cracks and crevices in your home that could allow moths and beetles to enter. Secondly, vacuum often to remove any insects or eggs. Finally, consider using cedar wood chips or cedar oil, which are natural deterrents to moths and beetles.

However, if the infestation becomes particularly bad, you may want to enlist the help of a professional pest control service. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of moths and beetles infestations with minimal use of pesticides.

Here are some additional tips from Ecology Exterminating Service:

  • Thoroughly clean your home and remove any possible food sources for moths and beetles.
  • Throw out any infested food items and store away other food items in sealed containers.
  • Replace any old or damaged weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Inspect any furniture or items brought into the house for signs of infestation before bringing them inside.