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As a homeowner in Crown Heights, you need a reliable flea and tick exterminator that you can trust. Ecology Exterminating Service has been in business for over 50 years, and our knowledgeable staff, friendly technicians, and guaranteed results are why you should choose us.

We strive to minimize the use of pesticides and have developed innovative solutions to exterminate pests while keeping your home and family safe. Our services are available year-round and we offer free estimates.

Some of the advantages of hiring Ecology Exterminating Service include:

  • Minimal use of pesticides
  • 50 years in business
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Friendly technicians
  • Guaranteed results
  • Year-round service plans
  • Free estimates

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Got Fleas And Ticks? Call Ecology Exterminating Now!

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Do You Need A Flea & Tick Exterminator For Your Crown Heights and Prospect Heights Home?

Have you noticed your pet scratching more than usual? Have you seen any small, reddish-brown bugs around your home? You may have a flea and tick infestation. Fleas and ticks can be a nuisance for homeowners, but donโ€™t worry โ€“ there are steps you can take to get rid of them.

First, you should do a thorough inspection of your home. Check carpets, rugs, furniture, and pet bedding for any signs of fleas or ticks. Also check your pet for any signs of fleas or ticks.

If you think you have a flea and tick infestation, itโ€™s important to call a professional flea and tick exterminator as soon as possible. Ecology Exterminating Service is an experienced exterminator that can help you get rid of your flea and tick problem.

Donโ€™t let flea and tick infestations ruin your home and petโ€™s health. Take action now and call Ecology Exterminating Service to get rid of your flea and tick infestation for good!

flea & tick exterminator near me
Fleas And Ticks Are Yucky. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
Crown Heights and Prospect Heights

Eliminate Fleas & Ticks From Your Crown Heights And Prospect Heights Home.

Homeowners in Crown Heights, Brooklyn can get rid of fleas & ticks naturally and with minimal pesticides by following these tips:

  • Vacuum carpets, rugs, furniture, curtains, and other fabrics regularly.
  • Wash pet bedding and other items that your pet has come in contact with.
  • Keep the grass and shrubs in your yard trimmed and fertilized in order to discourage fleas and ticks.
  • Remove any food sources that may attract fleas and ticks, including pet food bowls, water bowls, and bird feeders.
  • Install flea and tick traps to catch any that enter the home.
  • Introduce predators such as guinea hens, chickens, or ducks into your yard to feed on fleas and ticks.

If you find that these tips are not enough to get rid of the fleas & ticks, donโ€™t hesitate to contact a professional. Ecology Exterminating Service offers effective removal of fleas & ticks infestation with minimal use of pesticides.