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If you are a homeowner in Central Harlem looking for a flea and tick exterminator, then Ecology Exterminating Service should be your first choice. We have been in business for the past 50 years, providing excellent service for the area. Our staff is knowledgeable and our technicians are friendly and always willing to answer questions.

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Ecology Exterminating Service is the best choice for flea and tick extermination in Central Harlem. Our experience, knowledge, and commitment to safe and effective solutions make us the premier choice for pest control.

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Do You Need A Flea & Tick Exterminator For Your Central Harlem Home?

Do you think you might have a flea & tick infestation in your Central Harlem home? There are a few signs that you can look for to detect if you have an infestation.

  • Look for flea & ticks on your pets.
  • Check for bites on your skin or on the skin of your family.
  • Look for flea & tick droppings, which are small black or brown specks.
  • Look for flea & tick eggs, which are white and about the size of a grain of salt.

If you think you have a flea & tick infestation, you should contact a professional exterminator right away. Ecology Exterminating Service has years of experience dealing with flea & tick infestations and will be able to help you get rid of the problem with their experienced and reliable services.

Don't wait - if you think you may have a flea & tick infestation in your Central Harlem home, call Ecology Exterminating Service today!

flea & tick exterminator near me
Fleas And Ticks Are Yucky. Call Ecology Exterminating Today.
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Eliminate Fleas & Ticks From Your Central Harlem Home.

Getting rid of fleas and ticks in Central Harlem, Manhattan can be a challenge. Fortunately, homeowners have some natural options that can help reduce the problem with minimal pesticides.

Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming carpets and upholstery regularly can help to reduce flea and tick populations. Make sure to pay special attention to cracks and crevices in furniture, baseboards, and flooring. After vacuuming, throw away the vacuum bag or empty the canister outside.

Clean pet bedding: Wash animal bedding in hot water and detergent frequently. This will help to remove any flea and tick eggs that may have been left behind.

Use natural repellents: Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, cedar, and lemongrass have been known to help repel fleas and ticks. You can purchase repellents that contain these oils, or you can make your own.

Treat your pets: Treating your pets with flea and tick prevention products will help to reduce the number of fleas and ticks in your home. Many natural products are available for pets, such as flea and tick shampoos, spot treatments, and collars