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Do You Need A Roach Exterminator For Your Bedford Stuyvesant Home?

Are you seeing roaches in your Bedford Stuyvesant home? Roaches can be a real nuisance and can quickly become an infestation. Here are a few signs that may indicate you have a problem:

  • Seeing roaches during the day, as they are usually nocturnal.
  • Finding egg cases or cast skins.
  • A musty odor in your home.
  • Tiny black specks on surfaces, which could be roach droppings.
  • Live roaches in places like your sink, bathtub, or shower.

If you see any of these signs in your home, it is important to take action quickly. DIY products may help, but the best way to get rid of a roach infestation is to call a professional. Ecology Exterminating Service is experienced in treating roach infestations and can help you get rid of them for good.

roach exterminator near me
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Eliminate Roaches From Your Bedford Stuyvesant Home.

Living in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, roaches can be a common problem. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to naturally get rid of roaches and minimize the use of pesticides.

Seal Up Cracks and Crevices
Roaches love to hide in cracks and crevices. Caulk around windows and doors, seal up any holes and cracks, and repair any damaged screens. This will help keep roaches out of your home.

Keep Areas Clean and Dry
Roaches are attracted to moisture and dirt, so keep your home as clean and dry as possible. Vacuum regularly, especially around dark corners and hard-to-reach places. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately after use.

Use Home Remedies
You can also use home remedies to get rid of roaches. Try recipes that combine garlic, cayenne pepper, and dish soap. Sprinkle this mixture in areas where you see roaches. You can also use boric acid and sugar, or catnip, to keep roaches away.

Although these methods are effective, they may not be enough to get rid of a large infestation.