Five Ways to Stop Tough Brooklyn Cockroaches without Pesticides

Is it possible to eliminate roaches without pesticides?

Mets or Yankees? Jets or Giants? It isn’t easy to find something every New Yorker agrees on.  Except roaches.  Nobody likes ’em.  We want to eliminate the roaches as quickly as possible, and by eliminate, we want them dead; or at least put into a relocation program so they won’t come back–ever.

The thing is that even though we want the critters gone, we also don’t want chemical pesticides in the same rooms where we eat, or sleep, or where our loved ones may be sitting on the floor.  Here are six non-chemical pesticide solutions that will help you get on track to living in a roach free home.

  1. Lemon added to mop water:  If you have linoleum, ceramic tile, or hardwood flooring, add the juice from a few lemons to a bucket of mop water when you clean for two or three weeks.  For whatever reason, roaches don’t like citrus in lemons, and they’ll hightail it out of your place and look for a more accommodating home.
  2. Chlorine bleach.  Pour a mix of about 50% bleach and 50% water down all sinks and the toilet.  The bleach kills the roaches, and, for many people, the smell of bleach makes them feel better—it reminds them of clean smells, and that helps combat the dirty feeling roaches give most of us.
  3. Mint oil.  Mint oil sprayed in corners works to discourage roaches from living with you—just not super-fast.  Spray some mint oil at least every other day, and if you have time, every day and pretty soon the bugs will eventually take the hint that it isn’t you—it’s them.
  4. Mothballs.  Although they don’t smell real awesome to people, roaches positively can’t stand the small of mothballs.  If you place a mothball in cabinets and in corners, so they shouldn’t smell too badly—except to the roaches who hate them.  They can especially prevent nesting when put in the dark, damp, places that roaches love. Use common sense to keep mothballs out of the reach of children, however.
  5. Ammonia.  Pour it down the drain mixed with water—50/50 is fine, or even less ammonia, and not only will it kill the bugs, but it will give your home what many believe is the scent of cleanliness.

But the most important factor is prevention: 90% of roach problems start with basic sanitation. So, take steps to deny roaches a meal. Do not leave soiled dishes in the sink, take out wet/food garbage every day, clean up crumbs or food spills.

Roaches are gross. They spread germs, they cause asthma, and mostly they’re just gross. Fortunately there are many natural ways to get rid them. However, just like NYC residents, NYC roaches are tough.  Home remedies may not be enough to stop them.

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Joseph Francis
Joseph Francis
Ceo of company
April 17, 2023