Are Home Treatments for Bed Bugs Really Effective?

Unfortunately, while home remedies for bed bugs seem safer and less expensive, they just don’t work.

In 2013, three researchers at Rutgers University in NJ claimed to have made a simple, yet highly effective bedbug remedy.

The do-it-yourself device consists of a dog-food bowl filled with sugar, yeast and water. It’s cheaper and works better than commercial traps that find and trap bedbugs, according to Rutgers.

According to the report, the trap does not kill the bugs, but it can alert homeowners to infestations at their earliest stages.

“This is about early detection. When you detect the bugs, then you can call the professionals,” said the lead scientists.

Our thoughts, exactly!

Unfortunately, while home remedies seem safer and less expensive, they just don’t work.

  • Bed bugs are resistant to chemicals and pesticides found in the home
  • Often only lure or trap the bugs, but do not kill them
  • Not made to professional standards, homemade traps can leave bugs and their eggs behind
  • Faults in homemade devices can actually worsen the problem

Some states even have laws against home bed bug treatments! In Arizona, the law says you are required to notify your apartment manager if you discover bed bugs.

Bed bugs are dangerous!  A November 2014 study at the University of Pennsylvania shows that bed bugs can transmit the parasite (Trypanosoma cruzi) that causes Chagas Disease through their fecal deposits (poop). These deposits usually show up looking like small drops or balls of blood in your bed, which they leave after feeding on your flesh.

As disgusting as it is, this is the truth, and being prepared with knowledge and not fooling around with homemade pest sprays or remedies is the best policy!

Problems do not grow smaller with time!  Home remedies can make a treatable problem get worse as an infestation grows when ineffective “remedies” fail.

The best policy is to let expert pest control professionals handle the problem from the get-go. This will save you the time, trouble, money, and headaches of attempting to do a job that really should be handled by seasoned exterminators.

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Joe Francis
Joe Francis
Pest Removal Tech - Manhattan
April 17, 2023