Apartment Dwellers – 8 Natural Ways to Prevent Summer Pests

Take the following steps to ensure that your home stays yours, and the pests stay as far away as possible.

As the weather changes, various critters and creatures will be looking to the security of your home to use as shelter. Take the following steps to ensure that your home stays yours, and the pests stay as far away as possible.

Vacuum Regularly.

The smaller pests such as ants and roaches are attracted to sugar and sugary snack foods. Vacuum your rugs, especially around the kitchen and the bathroom. Be sure to move furniture to get in dark corners, and lift cushions.

Cut Away Shrubbery Near to the Home.

Pests from rats to ants often find their way indoors through a plant that is close to an entryway. Give your doorways at least two feet of space, and make sure that no branches hang over a vent or an entryway.

Check the Soil for Plants You Bring Inside.

If you bring a plant inside as decoration, check underneath the topsoil to ensure that no pest colonies have made their way into that particular plot of land. You may have to replace the soil with store bought soil if the pests have already taken a foothold around the area.

Wash and Care for Pets.

Another way that pests get inside of your home is on the backs of Fido and Muffin. Make sure that your pets have flea collars on at all times, even if they are not necessarily outside animals. Give them a good, thorough bath at least once a month, especially if you see them scratching more than normal. Veterinary visits are usually a good idea at least twice a year to check for pests.

Have the Gutters and Plumbing Checked Regularly.

You may have a community plumbing and irrigation system if you live in an apartment. If so, then you should ensure that your HOA is caring for the gutters and the plumbing. You can check the pipes and gutters yourself for rot. Leaks and rot attract pests because of the dark, wet environment. Many different pest species from roaches to termites will lay eggs and nest here. Any part of the irrigation system that is your responsibility should be checked at least twice a month by a professional.

Plant an Indoor Herb Garden.

The smell of certain herbs repel pests. Basil and rosemary can keep pests from the outside from coming in, especially flies, and a few bay leaves strewn around cupboards and cabinets have been known to keep moths, roaches and ants from spreading.

Store Your Food Safely.

Moths love getting into your pantries for the flour and sugar, and moths may also attach their eggs to paper grocery bags that you leave around. Remove flour, grains and rice from the original paperboard packaging and store them in hard plastic containers.

Protect Your Sink Area.

Use 0000-gauge (industrial) steel wool from the hardware store to stuff up any gaps around water drains under sinks. Make sure that you do not use soap pads; pads may only make the problem worse.

Do you already have unwanted summer guests? If these natural methods are not working for you, our specially trained pest control technicians can visit your home for effective treatments.  Call us today 718-972-1040.

Sato Morimoto
Sato Morimoto
Pest Technician - Queens
June 15, 2022